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End In Sight :-)

Well its a scary thing to have to admit to but…….. we think, that just maybe, “Ambleton Vale” our n gauge exhibition model railway layout, is very close to being finished…… There Ive said it Lol

We know theres always going to be a bit of pimping and pruning and a few more things to add but basically its done. Our lovely friend Louisa is working away on the 6 metres of under layout curtaining that we require. So thats something we don’t have to worry about. Phew! ;-)

The next thing for the pair of us to do is to hirer the local village hall for a few hours, one day in the very near future and get the whole thing up, bolted together and road tested. Of course we have been trying to test things as much as possible as we’ve gone along but its not been all together with lighting rig etc since we first laid the track, quite a few months ago.

Its one of the downsides of building a reasonably large exhibition layout whilst living in a very small house Lol. We’ve had to work on each of the 4 layout boards totally separately as theres only one place in the house where we could fit two of the boards together and thats the bathroom, and thats not ideal Lol ;-)

Once its all been tested we will try to get some better photos and a video or two maybe. Our first show is not until July 14th when we will be at the Frinton-On-Sea Model Railway Exhibition and then later in the year November at Shoeburyness MRC Exhibition (Southend over 2 days) and Manchester Model Railway Society Christmas show December (over 2 days)

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