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October 27, 2017

 We have a gig tonight, playing in Northampton but just had enough time this morning to get an hour on the layout build. The scenic section of the small 3 track fiddle yard is starting to look ok now. Obviously the box will be a building once Anna gets around to it and of course the tea is an essential part of the whole build Lol :-)

October 25, 2017

Im working on the end layout board which is basically a scenic section that hides the small fiddle yard. The photo shows it without its back scene in position. Anna is still painting tiny folks and also scratch building a level crossing keepers cottage. Our first exhibition is still a year away Lol ;-)

October 20, 2017

Three of the 4 boards from the layout as they are at the moment :-)

October 17, 2017

Anna has finished the Signal box and Ive been working on the Horse race track board. Fencing and trees are in. The stables Anna built are also in place but the old grandstand is just sitting in position as its not quite finished yet (Basically needs filling with spectators and the roof needs attaching) Just wanted to see how it all looked really Lol

October 12, 2017

We started to put "Ambleton Vale's" Horse racing track onto the 3rd layout board yesterday, got some stables, fences, hurdles, a crossing keeper cottage and a grandstand to add next :-)

October 9, 2017

We have moved along with the 3rd "Ambleton Vale" layout board today. Happy with the progress. Still lots to add to it though, a small point to point race course and Grandstand with stables etc, A level crossing plus a crossing keepers cottage

October 4, 2017

Here is where the lovely corrugated barn Anna scratch built comes together in the landscape with the Seafoam based trees I made earlier. Onwards and upwards :-)

October 3, 2017

Started to make a few trees this morning. Seafoam, Static grass and hairspray. Very happy with the results for a first attempt. I best make some more then :-)

October 3, 2017

Lots more work done this morning on the terminus end of the layout, as well as the station you should also be able to make out the cattle market. Still a long way off from having animals, people, vehicles and trees etc but I did sneak in a train or two for the photos Lol. The station building was scratch built by my partner in grime Anna, really pleased how that turned out. I best start making some trees I suppose. Theres a lot of trees in a 16 foot long layout Lol 

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